Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1899 Ervand Kocharian (Kochar) was born in Tbilisi on June 15 to the family of Simon Kocharian (1866-1933) of Shushi and Pheocla Martirosian (1873-1951).
1907-1918 Studies at Nersissian School, at the same time attends the Arts School of the Caucasus Association for Promoting Fine Arts (Schmerling School).

1929 Kochar presents works of the “Painting in Space” series at the international exhibition ”Panorama de L’art Contemporain”, organized in the halls of “BONAPART” Publishers.
Among the participants of the exhibition were Braque, Chagal, Delaunay, Liursa, Matisse, Miro, Picabia, Picasso, Survage, Utrillo, Vlamink, and others.
Starts to collaborate with Leonce Rosenberg, the well-known patron and connoisseur of modern art, Director of L’Effort Moderne Art Gallery.

1938 In Moscow, participates in the Ten-days Festival of Armenian Culture. Meets his friend, the architect Karo Halabian who has always supported Kochar protecting him from various groundless slanders.
National Museum of Modern Art-Pompidou Centre in Paris acquiresKochar’s painting “Eastern Women”/1926/
1975 The equestrian monument “Vartan Mamikonian” (wrought copper) is placed in Yerevan. Architect, Stepan Kyurkchian.
1959 The equestrian monument “David of Sassoun” (wrought copper) is placed in Yerevan Railway Station Square. Architect, Michael Mazmanian.

1984 “Ervand Kochar” Museum opens in Yerevan on 22 June.
1989 An exhibition dedicated to Kochar’s 90th birthday anniversary opens in Paris. Organizers: Ministery of Culture of Armenia,Ervand Kochar Museum and K. Pasmajian Gallery.
1990-1991 Kochar’s “Painting in Space” kept at Paris Pompidou Centre is exhibited at the exhibition ‘‘Antiguitat/Modernitat en l’art del segle XX’’ organized by ’’Fundació Joan Miró I Olimpiada Cultural’’ in Barcelona. Main organaizer: Gladys Fabre

2009 The five times magnified bronze statue of Kotchar’s ”Biblical Davit” is placed in the yard of the National Assembly, Yerevan.
2010 An exhibition “I Rely on Time” dedicated to Kochar’s 110th birthday anniversary opens in Yerevan, in the Artists’ House of Armenia.
2011 Kochar’s “Yerevan-Erebouni” was increased 1,5 times and installed in the foyer of new building of Matenadaran – Armenia’s state repository of ancient manuscripts.