Ervand Kochar Museum | The “Kochar’s Oriental Women” Exhibition
Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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The “Kochar’s Oriental Women” Exhibition


The “Kochar’s Oriental Women” Exhibition

On the 22nd of October 2013,in the George Pompidou Center,the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris,the “Multiformity of Modernism” Exhibition opened,featuring the world art of 1905-1970. Artists who lived in different years in different countries were exhibited each with his own aesthetics, which allowed seeing the amazing diversity of the expressive means of said period. E. Kochar’s painting “Oriental Women”, purchased by the Paris Museum of Modern Art in 1938, was also on display.

An attempt was made to embracethe time of quests and discoveries, when in the atmosphere of creative competition, the major movements of the Avant-Garde art were formed and evolved.

Artworks by one thousand artists from 47 countries, among them such prominent figures as Picasso, Leger, Miro, Kandinsky, Picabia, Masson, Tatlin, Malevich and other giants of the timewere included in the exhibition,featuring painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography, design, architectural compositions.


Ambassador of RA to France Mr. V. Chitechyan, Officer Responsible for Cultural Issues V. Vahramyan, the management of the E. Kochar Museum were present at the private opening of the exhibition.

When in Paris (1923-1936), Kochar participated in a great many exhibitions along with the great names listed above. In the E. Kochar Museum,posters, invitations, catalogues and other valuable evidences of Kochar’s association with the notables of the Avant-Gardeart are included in the permanent display.

“Among the works by Matisse, Picasso, Man Ray and other outstanding artists, Kochar’s “Oriental Women” was exhibited in the “Modern Odalisques” Hall of the “Multiformity of Modernism” event. We sought to echo that atmosphere with this show of “Kochar’s Oriental Women”.

Eastern Women

Egypt’s occupation in the beginning of the XIX century triggered the spread of orientalism in Europe; new mysteries and enigmas of the East were revealed, of which harem, this dream of paradise come true on the earth, was the most intriguing one… The European artists idealized that strange and in many ways sealed world.

Admiring the charm of oriental women, Kochar, too, created a superb series of women’s characters. These works being presently in private collections abroad, the “Kochar’s Oriental Women” Exhibition features their high quality reproductions. The display is accompanied by commenting notes and a video.