Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1923 In summer settles down in Paris.

Kochar’s first one-man show in Paris opens in the “Societe des Savants” hall of the “Apaga” (Future) newspaper.



Participates in the “Salon des Independants” and “Salon d’Automne” exhibitions.

Praising articles about him by prominent art critics are published in periodicals on modern art.

His first articles were published in “Revue du vrai et du beau” (“Magazine of Truth and Beauty”) and “La Revue Moderne” (“Modern Magazine”).

Participates in the “Salon d’Automne“ exhibition with the works, “Vision: Christ and Mary Magdalene”, “Bacchus” and “Portrait of a Girl”.  These works were echoed broadly in publications of Clement Morro, RaymondSelig and Jules de St.- Hilaire.


1925 Marries Vardeni in January.

Participates in ”L’art d’Aujourd’hui”   (“Modern Art”) international exhibition together with H.Arp, Brancusi, Delaunay, Ernst, Gris, Clee, Leger, Lipschitz, Miro, Mondrianne, Ozanfan, Picasso and others.

Starts to sign his works (pieces) as Kotchar.

Participates in the exhibition organized by  “Salon des Independants” with the canvases “Portrait of a Girl” and “The Houri with Fruit”.

An admiring article by Andre Pascal- Levi was published in the “Les Artistes d’Aujourd’hui” (“Artists of Today”) magazine.

The one man-show of Kotchar’s paintings and graphic works was opened in  “La Sacre du Printemp” Gallery. Author of the preface to the catalogue: Waldemar George.

The exhibition was echoed by “Revue du vrai et du beau”, “Les Artistes d’Aujourd’hui”, “La Revue Moderne” magazines  and other periodicals.


1927 Does design work at SAMARA ceramics factory.


1928 In February Dr. Alendi delivers a lecture in Sorbonne on Kochar’s “new painting”.

”Les Peintures dans l’espace de Kotchar” (“Kochar’s Painting in Space”) one-man show opens in “Van Leer” Gallery.

In December Kochar’s wife, Varteni and daughter died with tuberculosis.

1929 Kochar presents works of the “Painting in Space” series at the international exhibition ”Panorama de L’art Contemporain, organized in the halls of “BONAPART” Publishers.Among the participants of the exhibition were Braque, Chagal, Delaunay, Liursa, Matisse, Miro, Picabia, Picasso, Survage, Utrillo, Vlamink, and others.

Starts to collaborate with Leonce Rosenberg, the well-known patron and connoisseur of modern art, Director of L’Effort Moderne Art Gallery


1930 In January marries Melineh Ohanian.

The exhibition, “Works of  Fernand Leger, Gino Severini, Jean Metzinger,  Jean  Viollier  and  also Kochar’s Paintings in Space” opens in “The Leicester Galleries”, London.


1932  Participates in the exhibition, “Exposition d`oeuvres Cubites, Surrealistes et Abstraites” (“Cubist, Surrealistic and Abstract Works”) at Leonce Rosenberg’s “L’Effort Moderne” Gallery, which also featured the works of Braque, Metzinger, de Chirico, Gris, Picabia, Czaky, Leger, Ernst, Herbin and others.


1934  The one-man show, “Kotchar – Peintures, Sculptures, Dessins” opens in “Galerie Vignon”.

Maurice Raynal, Maximilien Gauthier and others review the exhibition.


1935  With  «The Girl with an Apple»  and  «In cafe»  artworks participates in the exhibition “Les Artistes Musicalistes” in  Budapest, Brno /“Ecole des Arts Décoratifs”/, Prague /«Institut Français»/, Bratislava /«Musée d’Art»/.Organizer: Henry Valencie.

Participates in the exhibition “Le  Premiere Salon de l’Art Mural”.

The “ADDRESS” was published in July, where Kochar presents his ideas on “painting in space” for the first time.


1936 Participates in the exhibition “Confrontation” organized by REGAIN (Centre  d’Information  et  de Liaison des Tendances Nouvelles  des  Arts  Contemporains) at Fenetre ouverte Gallery.

With many of the greatest artists of the time signs the “The Dimensionist Manifesto” the ideas of which had already been expressed in his works.

The Manifesto was signed by Arp,  Calder, Miro, Delaunay, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Picabia and others.

In May repatriates to the USSR.

His application on joining Georgia’s Union of Artists is rejected.