Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1980 On 6 June an exhibition of Kochar’s works opens in the Artists’ House of Armenia.

The ASSR Institute of Arts of the Academy of Sciences organizes a scientific session dedicated to Kochar’s 80th birthday anniversary (June 11th).

1984 Ervand Kochar Museum opens in Yerevan on 22 June.

Manik Mkrtchian dies on September 17th.

1989 An exhibition dedicated to Kochar’s 90th birthday anniversary opens in Paris. Organizers: K. Pasmajian Gallery, Ervand Kochar Museum.


1990-1991 Kochar’s “Painting in Space” kept at Paris Pompidou Centre is exhibited at the exhibition ‘‘Antiguitat/Modernitat en l’art del segle XX’’ organized by ’’Fundació Joan Miró I Olimpiada Cultural’’ in Barcelona. Main organaizer: Gladys Fabre


1997 UNESCO passes a decision to celebrate Kochar’s centenary under its auspices, placing his name on the list of “Outstanding Dates”.


1998-1999 Kochar’s “Painting in Space” kept at Paris Pompidou Centre is exhibited at the international mobile exhibition ”Forjar el Espacio. La escultura forjada en el siglo XX” (the Major Canary Islands, Valencia and Kale) Christian Perazone publishes an article on Kochar in the trilingual catalogue.


1999 Ararat Aghasyan’s monograph “Kochar” is published (in Russian).


2000 H. Igityan’s “Ervand Kochar” Album is published.


2003 The four time magnified bronze statue of the sculpture “Melancholy of the 20th Century” is placed before the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA – NPAK).

Architect, Haykaz Kochar


2007 Due to the Gulbenkian fundation, the book “Me and You ”  by E. Kochar is published.

Originators: An. Hovhannisyan, Lala Kochar

Artur Hakobyan’s book “Kochar’s Graphic Art” is published  (in Russian).