Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1899 Ervand Kocharian (Kochar) was born in Tbilisi on June 15 to the family of Simon Kocharian (1866-1933) of Shushi and Pheocla Martirosian (1873-1951).
1907-1918 Studies at Nersissian School, at the same time attends the Arts School of the Caucasus Association for Promoting Fine Arts (Schmerling School).

Studies in the class of Yegishe Tadevossyan, a prominent Armenian artist.

1918-1919 Studies at Moscow Second State Free Fine Arts Studios, P. Konchalovsky’s studio.

1919  With 36 works participates in the “Second Autumn Exhibition”  organized by the Association of Georgian Artists (Tiflis).

1919 –1921   Teaches painting at Tiflis high schools.

1920  Participates in the Third Autumn Exhibition” and the “Малый круг” (Small Circle) exhibition organized by the Association of Georgian Artists (Tiflis).

1921 Receives a certificate of State Higher Arts and Technical Studios Professor.

1922  In April leaves for abroad, Constantinople, where opens a one man show on 14 June.

In November arrives in Venice, the Mkhitarist Congregation,  teaches at Mourad-Rafaelyan College, creates the face sculptures of Cardinal La FontaineAbbat Kyureghian, the poet Avetik Issahakian, and studies the rich collection of the Congregation’s old Armenian miniature art.

Visits the museums of Padua, Rome and Florence.

1923  In summer settles down in Paris.

Kochar’s first one-man show in Paris opens in the “Societe des Savants” hall of the “Apaga” (Future) newspaper.

1937 Becomes a member of the Artists Union of Armenia.

Participates periodically in republic and all-Union exhibitions.

1980 On 6 June a retrospective exhibition of Kochar’s works opens in the Artists’ House of Armenia.

1984  Ervand Kochar Museum opens in Yerevan on 22 June.

2009 The five times magnified bronze statue of Kotchar’s ”Biblical Davit” is placed in the yard of the National Assembly, Yerevan.
2010 An exhibition “I Rely on Time” dedicated to Kochar’s 110th birthday anniversary opens in Yerevan, in the Artists’ House of Armenia.
2011 Kochar’s “Yerevan-Erebouni” was increased 1,5 times and installed in the foyer of new building of Matenadaran – Armenia’s state repository of ancient manuscripts.