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Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1923 – 1936

1923  Kotchar’s first one-man show, organised by Arshak Chopanian, opens in the hall of the “Apaga” newspaper.
1924  Particapate in the “Salon des Independants” exhibition with the canvases “Resurrection” and ” Metamorphosis” which attract the attention of prominent
Participates in the “Salon  d’ Autome” exhbition with the works  “Vision:Christ  and Mary Magdalene”, “Bacchus” and ” Portrait of a Girl”. These works were echoed broadly in publications of Cleman Morauz, Raimon Ceiling and Jules de Saint Guiller.

1925  Particapate in “Lart d’ Aujourd’hui” international exhibition together with  Harp, Brancussi, Delone, Earnst, Grisse, Clei, Leger, Lipschitz, Miraux,  Modrianne, Ozanfan, Picasso and others.


1926  Particapate in the exhibition organized by  “Salon des Independants” with  the canvases”Portrait of  a girl” and  “The Houri with Fruits”.

The one man- show of Kotchar’s paintings and graphic works was opened   in ” La Sacre du Printemp” Gallery.

1928  The “Les Pentures dan l’espace de Kotchar one-man show opens in “Van Leer”  Gallery. The author of catalogue was valdemar George.

1929  In the interbational exhibition, “Panorma de L’art contemporain” organized in the halls of the  “BONAPART” publishers, Kotchar presents works of   “painting in space”.

1930  Participates in the exhibitions, “Confronation” at the “FenUtre ouverte” Gallery.

The exhibition ” Pictures by Fernand Leger, Gino Severini, Jean Metzinger, Jean Viollier also Ervand Kochar’s Painting in Space” opens in  “The Leicester Galleries in London”.

1932  Participates in the exhibition, “Exposition d’ oeuvres Cubites, Surealistes et Abstraites” in Leonse Rosenberg’s  Gallery, presenting also works by Braque, Metzenge, de Cirico, Gries, Picabia, Kzaki, Leger, Earnst and others.

1934   The one-man show,  “Kotchar – Peintures, Sculptures, Dessingns” opens in “Galerie Vignon”.

1935    Participates in the exhibition, ” Les Artistes Musicalistes” : Budapest, Brno, Prague, organiser  was Henry Valencie.

Participates with one work , “Painting in Space “, in the exhibition “Le 1-ere Salon de l’Art  Mural” where only “models related to monumental art” were presented.


The Girl With the Fox