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Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1938 – 1976

1938-1939   In Moscow ,particapates in the Ten-days Festival of Armenian Culture.

1956   During the days of the Second Ten-day Festival of Armenian Art and Literature in Moscow particpates in the exhibition of Armenian fine arts.

1965    After a thirty-year break the one-man show of Kotchar opens  in Fatherland, in Yerevan.

1966   The one-man show, ” Kotchar et la peinture dans l`espace”, opened at the “Percier” Gallery.

1970  Particpates in the exhibition , “Armenian Culture from Urartu up to the Present Day”, opened in Louvre.

1971   His second one-man show opens in Yerevan.

1973   An one-man show opens in the Museum of Eastern Peoples in Moscow .

1974   Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum  obtain paintings and drawings.

One-man shows open in Baku and Tbilisi.

1976-1977   Particpates in the exhibition, ” Self-portrait in Russian and Soviet Art in 1930-1950″(Moscow, Soviet Union cities, Bularia ,Poland and Hungary).

1978   An one-man show of Kotchar’s graphic works open in Yerevan.

Disaster of war