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Ervand Kochar Museum
Ervand Kochar Museum
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1919 – 1922

1919 “Second Autumn Exhibition” organized by the Association of Georgian Artists (Tiflis).
1920 Participates in the Third Autumn Exhibition” and the “Малый круг” (Small Circle) exhibition organized by the Association of Georgian Artists (Tiflis).
1922 “Berea Library ” hall of K. Istanbul, Personal Exhibition.


1923 – 1936

1923  Kotchar’s first one-man show, organised by Arshak Chopanian, opens in the hall of the “Apaga” newspaper.
1924  Particapate in the “Salon des Independants” exhibition with the canvases “Resurrection” and ” Metamorphosis” which attract the attention of prominent
Participates in the “Salon  d’ Autome” exhbition with the works  “Vision:Christ  and Mary Magdalene”, “Bacchus” and ” Portrait of a Girl”. These works were echoed broadly in publications of Cleman Morauz, Raimon Ceiling and Jules de Saint Guiller.

1925  Particapate in “Lart d’ Aujourd’hui” international exhibition together with  Harp, Brancussi, Delone, Earnst, Grisse, Clei, Leger, Lipschitz, Miraux,  Modrianne, Ozanfan, Picasso and others.

The Girl With the Fox

1938 – 1979

1938-1939   In Moscow ,particapates in the Ten-days Festival of Armenian Culture.

1956   During the days of the Second Ten-day Festival of Armenian Art and Literature in Moscow particpates in the exhibition of Armenian fine arts.

1965    After a thirty-year break the one-man show of Kotchar opens  in Fatherland, in Yerevan.

Disaster of war

1980 – 2015

1980   An exhibition of Kotcha’s works open in the Artist’s House of Armenia.

1989   An exhibition dedicated to Kotchar’s 90th birthday anniversary opens in Paris at K. Pasmajian Gallery.

1990   The ASSR Institute of Arts of the Academy of Sciences organizes scientific session dedicated to Kochar’s 90th birthday anniversary.